A brief history of Nepalese Encounters

1970: Durga Datta Pahari gave rest to backpackers who traveled overland on the Hippie trail. In time, trekkers increased creating a demand for guest houses which made Durga Guest House later renamed into Hotel Mandala.

1993: Durga Datta Pahari’s Son, Narayan graduated in civil engineering and began traveling to Europe.1994> Narayan’s traveling influenced the building of Hotel Mandala with inside bath, large sunny gardens and modern facilities.

Narayan Pahari

1996: To further the quality of service, Narayan went off to study Tourism in Australia. Narayan has visited many colleges and universities during his study period in Australia

2001: After returning from Australia, Narayan developed NEPALESE ENCOUNTERS TOURS AND TRAVEL (PVT.) LTD. A traveling service, for foreigners as well as Nepalese.

2004: In time, because numerous Nepalese students began using Narayan’s travel service and demanded reliable educational counseling service, Narayan developed NEPALESE ENCOUNTERS EDUCATIONAL CONSULTANCY (PVT.) LTD.

2006: Narayan become the Nepal’s first Qualified Educaiton Agent Counsellor QEAC after successfully completing Education Agent Training Course EATC.QEAC is recognized within Australian Qualifications Framwork AQF.

Thanks to Mr. Chris Catsanis & Dr. Robert Gammal from Australia who helped to find the brand name. Nepalese Encounters has now established well network within Australia so students are getting guaranteed counseling and placement services from Narayan’s 5 Star Experience.

Why Nepalese Encounters?

Nepalese Encounters represents many different education institutions throughout Australia, ranging from English colleges to high schools, business colleges, TAFE and universities directly or indirectly. Through our placement service we are able to assist you as a prospective student to select the course that you wish to study as well as assist in the entire application process. Please be informed that Nepalese Encounters is a Nepal Government’s Registered Educational Consultancy under the Private Limited Act 2053. Nepalese Encounters assists with the student visa application procedure such included i) Finding Appropriate Institute ii) Preparing Application iii) Processing & submitting application to concerned authorities. iv) Providing an offer of course placement throughout Educational Institutes v) Submitting a valid visa application to Australian High Commission vi) Acting as a Mentor. Vii)English preparation for IELTS.