About Nepalese Encounter

About Nepalese Encounter

Nepalese Encounters Education is one of the leading education consultant with over 18 years of proven excellency in this field. Our service mainly focuses on Australian Education but we also provide the best consultation to students who wish to study in Canada or USA.

  • We are the leaders in education consultation

    We have 18+ years of excellence with thousands of students who we have helped start their studies and careers in Australia , Canada and USA.

  • Offshore Offices

    Nepalese Encounters has it’s own offshore offices. Helping you in every way

  • Online Consultation

    Distance is a just a number. Our expert consultants are available to chat online to assist you and provide you with the best consultation related to your academic career.

  • 30+ Universites

    We offer a wide range of selection between universities in Australia, Canada and USA for different fields of study; including but not limited to Information Technology, Nursing, Business , Environmental science etc.

Meet our Experts

Meet the expert professionals at Nepalese Encounter

Laxmi Baral

Laxmi Baral

Senior Admission Officer (Head Office, Pokhara)

Kamala Pandey

Kamala Pandey

Senior Admission Officer (Branch Office, Kathmandu)

Bibusha Nakarmi

Bibusha Nakarmi

Counsellor (Head Office, Pokhara)

Asmita Pahari

Asmita Pahari

IELTS Officer (Head Office, Pokhara)

Our Branches

We are currently based at four different locations

Kathmandu, Nepal

+977-1-6201715, +977-1-6201716
Putalisadak, Kathmandu

Pokhara, Nepal

+977-61-462715, +977-61-464689
Dhikopatanpath 06, Lakeside Pokhara

Chitwan, Nepal

056 528198, 056 528344
Sahidchowk,Narayangarh 3rd Floor, Krishna Plaza

Global Office

Sydney, Australia

Suite 15 level 1, 301 Castlereagh St Sydney NSW 2000